Dear computer,
I missed you. Did you miss me? Look me in the eyes and tell me that you've missed me. I'm sorry, we've been on a maaad schedule of carrying stuff around, playing and, mostly, waiting. We played CMJ, at
Fat Baby , and directly after that at Pianos, just around the corner, which was fun. Then we played at some square in Brooklyn, which was open air and chilly but also fun. And then last night we did our DJ-set at Tommy's Tavern, with just a dollar and a jukebox, and we played Positively 4th Street and Toxic, plus some games of pool, and it was lots of fun. Now we have a few days off, after which we're headed to Canada, where our record has just been released on Saved By Radio. It's been getting reviews, here , here and here. That's it, we're moving to Canada. OK computer, until asap, we're off for some real life lolz :p. Oh, and btw :)!

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12. Well the first thing I know is that I wake up to the radio, tear all the old newspapers from the window, the light's so bright at first we hardly recognize each other; Will you look at all that water?